Balls eyes view

A balls eye view is used in sporting to describe the camera angle that follows the ball... Unfortunately that is not what my story is about. This is perhaps one of the funnier, and more embarrassing things that has ever happened to me at work.

So my first job was at a small animal clinic in a rural town of Australia (Bundaberg, QLD). many of our clientele were farmers or country people, who cared for their dogs but not so much fashion.

One such client was a lovely man with a beautiful border collie, Sally. Sally was in and out of the vets for ongoing ear problems but was so well trained and well behaved it was always a pleasure seeing her. Sally's human companion was not quite so beautiful as she; he was mildly overweight, twice my age and had a great fondness for singlets, footy shorts and thongs (the flip flop kind, not the underwear as you will soon see). 

One day my nurse and I went into the consult room to check Sally's ears. All was well, we were chatting, I was checking her records on the computer and my awesome nurse had squatted down with Sally to give her a good pat and some treats before I started my examination. Now this nurse is usually the bubbliest and friendliest person I know, and all of a sudden she fell deathly silent. I could then hear her stuttering away trying to make conversation. Poor girl I thought, must have had a bad night sleep - well Sheridan to the rescue with the physical exam!

So I'm casually talking to Sally's owner while I squat down on the floor with Sally and my nurse to start examining Sally's ears, when suddenly I too stop and fall silent. I made eye contact with the nurse and knew instantly the reason she was struggling... We were met with what I refer to as a balls eye view... 

With in a metre of where we were deftly squatting on the ground, peering out of the footy shorts, were Sally's owners genitalia... now what do you do in a situation like this? With my nurse and I's combined age of 41 we didn't feel like bringing it up so instead we spent the entire consult not looking at each other, barely looking at the client and simply staring at Sally! I don't think Sally had ever received so much love and attention at the vets!

Of course as soon as we left the room we burst into laughter and would often tell new nurses of our harrowing balls eye view tale!


Do you have any hilarious stories from the vet clinic? I would love to hear them in the comments below! Sometimes we all need a good laugh 😀 


*dont worry, Sally wasn't really the dogs name, no one will ever know who this truely was!* 


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