The most recent Mission was to help the dogs and cats in the community of Golfito and the surrounds (Costa Rica)


Treat one animal



WE believe that helping animals also helps the wider community...

Golfito and the surrounding villages have a serious problem with poverty, which means many of the dogs and cats don't receive the veterinary care they need.  This leads to many unwanted pregnancies, worm and flea infestations and disease spread through out the dog and cat populations. This has a knock on affect on the wider community as children contract communicable diseases, the streets become polluted from animals scavenging trash and wildlife populations are devastated with disease and hunting. 

From November 2017 to March 2019 we worked with Costa Rican veterinarians and local communities to host clinics in 10 locations: Golfito, Pavones, Palmar, Rio Claro, Playa Zancudos, Playa Blanca, Puerto Jimenez, Playa KauKau and two indiginous communities. During these clinics over 700 animals have been neutered, and countless others have received medications for illnesses and parasite control.

All of the clinics have been documented through the Chuffed Adventures series, which I hope helps spread the word and inspires other people to nurture the world around them. We have had volunteers assisting at these clinics from all over the world, even taking veterinary students to educate them on the importance of providing free or discounted neutering to communities in need.

local children watch on as animals are treated in an INDIGENOUS guaymi community, high in the costa rican mountain ranges

local children watch on as animals are treated in an INDIGENOUS guaymi community, high in the costa rican mountain ranges

A memory I shall never forgot visiting the indigenous villages. Many of these communities are completely cut off during the wet season, only able to exit on horseback. They live simple and happy lives, but struggle to provide the correct care for their pets. We were able to not only provide neutering services to these communities but also educate them on how to best care for their pets and provided food and medication for all the animals seen.

It amazes me to think of how many animals have been treated during my time in Costa Rica, all thanks to the wonderful volunteers and people, like you, who support Vet Tails.

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