Vet Tails started as a blog to share my stories from around the clinic and, then as my career expanded, my adventures overseas helping animals. Vet Tails is now working even harder to improve the standards of animal health and welfare around the world by offering FREE veterinary care to organizations and communities that need it most. Vet Tails is also providing education and raising awareness through Blogs and Vlogs that document our adventures and help spread our message.  We hope that people will get a few laughs, learn a lot and maybe be inspired to respect, nurture and help animals from all over the world!


To combine our dreams of helping animals while sailing around the world we purchased our beautiful home and boat 'Chuffed'. 'Chuffed' is a 37ft aluminium hull sail boat that will allow us to have the freedom to travel to where we are needed most. My husband (Joel) does most of the work on board while I (Sheridan) volunteer at different veterinary projects as we travel.

Sheridan Lathe

Hi All! I am Sheridan and I am the Veterinarian and Chief Medical Officer on board! Not to mention deck hand, cook and interior designer for our boat. I am also the writer and creator of our Vlogs and Blogs.

I have always loved animals, and wanted to be a veterinarian from a young age. I graduated from James Cook University in 2011 and worked as a small animal veterinarian in rural Queensland. I then worked as a wildlife veterinarian in South Australia where I learnt how to detect sexually transmitted disease in koalas, fix fractured turtle shells and how to navigate the world of wildlife rehabilitation and release. I then got the job of a life time with Animals Asia, working in China to rescue Asiatic Black Bears from the cruel bear bile trade. I have been very lucky to be involved in many volunteer projects which have included veterinary services but also education of local veterinarians and communities to help improve the standards of animal welfare.

Now I am offering my veterinary services free of charge while we travel, while documenting our adventures. Please contact me if you have any questions or perhaps suggestions of organizations that could use our help! I hope our videos and stories help inspire you to follow your dreams and make positive change in the world. 

To see more about my career visit my Linkedin account.

Joel Lathe 

Joel is my darling husband and Captain of our ship! He graduated university with a degree in aquaculture and has always been drawn to the ocean. He has followed me far and wide to facilitate my dreams of saving animals all over the world, and now we are very excited to have combined our passions. Joel enjoys sailing, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. He also is an animal lover and often is my honorary vet nurse in times of need, not to mention Foster Father to all the  wildlife I take in before release!


To learn more about us and how we found Chuffed check out our Blog Post: The Story of Chuffed